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Favourite Music:Agnes Waltz. I also love two steps and Gaelic waltz's.

Player Bio

As a young person I played the piano achieving Grade 6 with the London College of Music. Around aged 19 I acquired an accordion and took lessons from George Paxton for a couple of years. Family and work commitments took over my life as a result I did not pursue my accordion lessons. This is my biggest regret.

Having highland connections I had always loved Scottish music and loved the informal sessions in the hostelries of Kilchoan. I bought a little second hand 48 bass chanson so I could join in with the singalongs and took lessons from Susan MacFadyen. She still remembers with amusement her attempts at trying to teach me the rudiments of the box. If only I had listened!!!

4 years ago I became a member of the GVTM club, followed by the Largs Accordon Club, joined in at various jam sessions and attended the box an fiddle clubs. This developed my confidence and enabled me to play all types of music for a wide range of audiences. I now play a Borsini 96 bass. It is the love of my life!!!

I am so glad I was persuaded to join the JBAO. I thought the sound was amazing the first time I heard it and I am so proud to be part of it!!!