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Treat youself to a wonderful evening of music with our second CD, including Scottish, Classical, Singalong, Russian and folk music.

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Contact Gary Blair to order: gary.blair@ntlworld.com

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Our first CD – recorded live at Renfrew Town Hall.

Contact Gary Blair to order: gary.blair@ntlworld.com

Welcome to the Jimmy Blair Accordion Orchestra

Based in Renfrew, Glasgow, the Jimmy Blair Acordion Orchestra are conducted and led by world famous and internationally renowned accordionist Gary Blair, whose father Jimmy Blair founded the original orchestra in the 1970’s. We are former British champions and can boast that some of our members, past and present, are former Scottish and British Champions.

Music for all Occasions

Scottish, classical, singalong, Russian and folk are some of the genres of music that we play. We are available to hire from a fixed fee to a charitable donation, and specialise in concerts and variety shows. You can have the full orchestra or a select few players to ensure that your event goes well. We can even assist you to plan and advertise in order that whatever the occasion, it’s memorable and successful.
Keep up to date with all of our recent concerts and fundraising via our facebook page.

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You can view some of our performances on YouTube.